Jones Rebounds For Hartwell Speedway Stock V8 Win

Rocky Jones rebounded from a lap one crash to score the Stock V8 feature victory Saturday night at Hartwell Speedway. Photo by Heather Rhoades

Rocky Jones started Saturday night’s Stock V8 feature at Georgia’s Hartwell Speedway nosed into the turn two wall.

He ended the night in victory lane with the feature win.

Jones saw his night take a bad turn on the opening lap of the 15 lap feature, when several cars tangled while racing for the second position, ending with Jones car sliding nose first into the wall.

While Jones had to restart at the rear of the field, Shannon Duck pulled out to the lead, with Evan Brown and Jack Hill fighting behind him for second.

Meanwhile Jones worked his way back to the front, and with a few laps to go, made his way around both Brown and Hill to run in second. With the laps winding down, it looked like Jones would have no chance to close on Duck.

But that all changed when Duck slowed suddenly coming off of turn two. On the final restart, Jones found himself under fire from both Brown and Hill. But he was up to the task, as he scored the victory, with Brown in second, and Hill in third. Paul Byrum finished in fourth, with Stephen House in fifth.

In other action, pole sitter Danny Sanders held off a hard charge from Dustin Morris to score the Crate Late Model win. Grant Jordan finished in third, with Derrick Harvey in fourth and Cole Hardy in fifth.

Shane Yarbrough took the victory in the Hobby feature over Joe Yarbrough, with Cody Smith, Kevin Tullis and Joe Cash rounding out the top five.

Thomas Segars held off a strong late charge from Russell Shore to take home the Modified Street feature win. Aaron McIntosh finished third, followed by Johnny Pilgrim in fourth and Tim Stephens in fifth.

Jeffery Lord took the win in the Stock Four feature, with Shane Peppers second, Justin Taylor third, Kevin Kelly fourth and Jimmy Little fifth.

Hunter Anthony drove to a commanding victory over Joel Powell, Sr. in the Up Front feature. Seth Brown finished third, with Randy Shaw in fourth and Jason Richey in fifth.

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Hartwell Speedway – Hartwell, GA
Race Results – September 23, 2017

Stock V8
1. #101 Rocky Jones
2. #9 Evan Brown
3. #54 Jack Hill
4. #21 Paul Byrum
5. #4 Stephen House
6. #35 Paul Moore
7. #5 Porkchop Kennedy
8. #34 Robert Crowe
9. #10 Chris Brown
10. #8 Dustin Turner
11. #33 Shannon Duck
12. #77 Jeremy Hill

Crate Late Models
1. #4 Danny Sanders
2. #11B Dustin Morris
3. #05 Grant Jordan
4. #11 Derrick Harvey
5. #30 Cole Hardy
6. #52 Brad Basey
7. #07 Larry Timms
8. #3A Eric Veal

1. #141 Shane Yarbrough
2. #41 Joe Yarbrough
3. #10 Cody Smith
4. #3 Kevin Tullis
5. #23 Joe Cash
6. #11 Jack Henderson
7. #818 Josh Roberts
8. #117 Same Carter
9. #34 Grant Jordan
10. #114 Stephen Segars
11. #49 Taylor Griffeth
12. #00 Nick Carter DNF

Modified Street
1. #5 Thomas Segars
2. #7 Russell Shore
3. #33 Aaron McIntosh
4. #19 Johnny Pilgrim
5. #1 Tim Stephens
6. #4 Terry Calhoun
7. #24 Clay Bryson
8. #73 Chris Nickerson
9. #16 Shannon Tucker
10. #07 Chad Sellers

Stock Four
1. #13 Jeffery Lord
2. #22 Shane Peppers
3. #15 Justin Taylor
4. #88 Kevin Kelly
5. #71 Jimmy Little
6. #34 Dustin Bales
7. #2 Jacob Trotter
8. #7X Pete Whitley
9. #51 Ricky Rule
10. #15B Tyler Thomason
11. #27 Nathan nation
12. #9 Ricky Roberts
13. #3 Randy Peppers

Up Front
1. #A2 Hunter Anthony
2. #23 Joel Powell, Sr.
3. #55 Seth Brown
4. #44 Randy Shaw
5. #19 Jason Richey
6. #18 Kalen Holmes
7. #27 North West
8. #22 B.J. Gilliespie
9. #7B Brandon Grimes
10. #87 Ryan Carter
11. #58 Eddie Segars
12. #8 Stacy Foster
13. #43 Justin Reed


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