Ryan Millington Motors To Hickory Late Model Victory

Ryan Millington, seen here from an earlier victory, scored the Late Model win Saturday night at Hickory Motor Speedway. Photo by Sherri Stearns

Ryan Millington made the final pass for the lead with just a couple of laps left to go, and went on to score the Late Model victory Saturday night at North Carolina’s Hickory Motor Speedway.

Millington started the night on the pole, and jumped to the early lead. He would hold the top spot until lap 30 when Charlie Watson made the pass for the lead. Watson and Millington would battle several times over the next several laps.

Millington’s night appeared to take a bad turn on a restart, when he failed to come up to speed, collecting Andrew Garcia. Millington’s car appeared to be used up, but his team was able to make repairs and get him back on the track without losing a lap.

With 12 laps to go, Watson came under fire from Stefan Parsons, as the two raced side-by-side for several laps. Millington charged past both drivers with a couple of laps to go, and went on to take the win.

Watson held on to finish in second, with Parsons in third, Matt Thomas in fourth and Ty Gibbs in fifth.

In other action, Monty Cox held off Mitch Walker for the Limited Late Model victory, with Charlie Watson in third, Mack Little III in fourth and Ross Dalton in fifth.

Bill Lett scored the win in the Classic Sportsmen feature. Eddie Gilbert finished in second, with Bill Webb in third, Chris Werner in fourth and Dennis Werner in fifth.

Nathaniel Kanupp held off Curtis Pardue to take the 4-Cylinder feature win, with Robbie Trivette in third and Brian Mundy in fourth.

Justin Taylor took the victory in the Allison Legacy Series feature, with Kyle Campbell, Ethan Elder, Matthew Davey and Brett Suggs rounding out the top five.

Hickory Motor Speedway returns to action on Saturday, May 27. For more information, visit HickoryMotorSpeedway.com.

Hickory Motor Speedway – Newton, NC
Race Results – May 13, 2017

Late Models
1. 76 Ryan Millington
2. 9W Charlie Watson
3. 98S Stefan Parsons
4. 87T Matt Thomas
5. 18G Ty Gibbs
6. 51P Jeremy Pelfrey
7. 3O Dylan Oliver
8. 29M Mitch Walker
9. 12G Andrew Garcia
10. 31 Thomas Beane
11. 16L Mack Little III
DNS: 21 Monty Cox
DNS: 41T Dennis Trivette

Limited Late Models
1. 21 Monty Cox
2. 29 Mitch Walker
3. 9 Charlie Watson
4. 16L Mack Little III
5. 50R Ross Dalton
6. 51 Jeremy Pelfrey
7. 18R Alex Reece
8. 34 Pat Rachels
9. 95H Jacob Heafner
10. 3D Dylan Oliver
11. 7 Holden German
12. 41 Dennis Trivette
13. 85 Bobby Griffin

Classic Sportsman Racing
1. 4L Bill Lett
2. 95G Eddie Gilbert
3. 16 Bill Webb
4. 22 Chris Werner
5. 19 Dennis Werner
6. 6W Robert Webb
7. 90 Dennis Hinkle
8. 71P Bill Powell

1. 51 Nathaniel Kanupp
2. 17 Curtis Pardue
3. 11 Robert Trivette
4. 6M Brian Mundy

Allison Legacy
1. 3 Justin Taylor
2. 15 Kyle Campbell
3. 8 Ethan Elder
4. 10 Matthew Davey
5. 33 Brett Suggs
6. 44 Seth Henry
7. 53 Tim Niesen
8. 14 Ashley Pantoulas
9. 35 Jake Garcia
10. 11 Kayla Lyons


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