Berry And Millington Take Hickory Late Model Victories

Josh Berry (left) and Ryan Millington (right), both seen here from earlier victories, split a pair of 40 lap Late Model features Saturday night at Hickory Motor Speedway. Photos by Sherri Stearns

Josh Berry and Ryan Millington each made trips to victory lane in Late Model action Saturday night at Hickory Motor Speedway in Newton, North Carolina.

Berry and Millington split a pair of 40 lap Late Model features, with Berry winning the first and Millington scoring the win in the second.

In the first feature, Berry started from the pole with Tommy Lemons, Jr. alongside. On the drop of the green flag, Berry would move to the lead, while the field jockeyed for position behind him.
Berry would lead from start to finish to score the victory. Lemons, Jr. came home in second, with Justin Johnson in third, Millington in fourth and Marietta, Georgia’s Cody Haskins in fifth.

In the second Late Model feature, a ten car inversion from the first race’s finishing outder put Colby Howard on the pole with Ty Gibbs on the outside. Gibbs would move out to the early lead, building up a three second advantage while a fight for position went on behind him.

With 10 laps to go, Ryan Millington began working to close on Gibbs, and with five laps to go, the pair was racing side-by-side. Millington would finally take the lead, holding Gibbs off to take the win. Berry, Lemons, Jr. and Haskins rounded out the top five.

In other action, Darren Dickinson took the early lead in the Renegades feature, and went on to score the victory, with Kyle DiVanna finishing in second, followed by Ben Campbell in third, David Hasson in fourth and Justin Austin in fifth.

With ten laps to go in the Paramount Group Limited Late Model feature, Alex Reece came away with the lead after battling side-by-side for several laps with Jeremy Pelfrey, and went on to score the victory. Pat Rachels finished third, with Travis Byrd in fourth and Monty Cox in fifth.

Cody DeMarmels and Mark Whitten battled side-by-side for several laps in the Street Stocks feature, with DeMarmels finally taking the lead and the win. Whitten, Kevin Eby, Marshall Sutton and Trey Buff rounded out the top five.

Allen Huffman scored the win in the One Design Super Truck feature, with Tyler Dayton in second, Sheflon Clay in third, Joey Shuryan in fourth and Charlie Neill in fifth.

Up next, Hickory Motor Speedway will play host to the PASS Series Super Late Models for the Easter Bunny 150 on Saturday, April 15.

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Hickory Motor Speedway – Newton, NC
Race Results – April 8, 2017

Late Model Race 1
1. 88B Josh Berry
2. 27L Tommy Lemons, Jr.
3. 44J Justin Johnson
4. 76 Ryan Millington
5. 2H Cody Haskins
6. 8A Anthony Alfredo
7. 9W Charlie Watson
8. 98S Stefan Parsons
9. 18G Ty Gibbs
10. 16H Colby Howard
11. 15O Omar Jurado
12. 13J Mark Johnson
13. 29M Mitch Walker
14. 21 Monty Cox
15. 51P Jeremy Pelfrey
16. 1C Sheflon Clay
DNS: 99E Matt Elledge

Late Model Race 2
1. 76 Ryan Millington
2. 18G Ty Gibbs
3. 88B Josh Berry
4. 27L Tommy Lemons, Jr.
5. 2H Cody Haskins
6. 44J Justin Johnson
7. 8A Anthony Alfredo
8. 98S Stefan Parsons
9. 9W Charlie Watson
10. 16H Colby Howard
11. 15O Omar Jurado
12. 99E Matt Elledge
13. 13J Mark Johnson
14. 29M Mitch Walker
15. 51P Jeremy Pelfrey
16. 1C Sheflon Clay
DNS: 21 Monty Cox

Limited Late Model
1. 18R Alex Reece
2. 51 Jeremy Pelfrey
3. 34 Pat Rachels
4. 77B Travis Byrd
5. 21 Monty Cox
6. 29 Mitch Walker
7. 13J Mark Johnson
8. 95H Jacob Heafner
9. 99E Matt Elledge
10. 7 Holden German
11. 3D Dylan Oliver
12. 43 Greg Wise

1. 6 Darren Dickinson
2. 71 Kyle Divanna
3. 69 Ben Campbell
4. 83 David Hasson
5. 1 Justin Austin
6. 71D Robert Divanna
7. 97 Danny Crump, Jr.
8. 18 Casey Meyer
9. 51 Robbie Hollifield

Street Stocks
1. 18D Cody DeMarmels
2. 77P Mark Whitten
3. 3 Kevin Eby
4. 64 Marshall Sutton
5. 69 Trey Buff
6. 2J Ethan Johnson

Super Trucks
1. 51 Allen Huffman
2. 36D Tyler Dayton
3. 15C Sheflon Clay
4. 30 Joey Shuryan
5. 26 Charlie Neill
6. 45 Tanner Long


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