Possible Sale Of Lanier National Speedway Falls Through

A possible sale of Lanier National Speedway failed to come through this week, according to the track's Facebook page.  Photo by Brandon Reed

A possible sale of Lanier National Speedway failed to come through this week, according to the track’s Facebook page. Photo by Brandon Reed

For several weeks, fans of Lanier National Speedway in Braselton, GA have been watching a date on their calendars, hoping for news that the 3/8 mile track would be on the road to reopening.

With the asphalt racing situation looking bleak for North Georgia, fans and competitors in the region were hanging their hopes for a solid season of racing on the possibility that the legendary track, which began life as a dirt track built by Georgia Racing Hall of Famer Bud Lunsford over 30 years ago, could bring back a regular pavement racing card to the area by reopening.

Unfortunately, the date did not bring the news they were hoping for, as track officials confirmed via the speedway’s Facebook page that a pending sale of the facility had fallen through.

“We know there have been a lot of rumors and speculations regarding the sale of Lanier Speedway,” the post read. “Here are the facts; Lanier Speedway was under contract, the buyer had to gracefully back out a few days ago.”

However, in the same post, officials pointed to another situation that may still answer fans’ hopes and prayers.

“We had a back up offer and are currently working to make this a win-win situation for all involved,” the statement read.

While there were no indications as to who may be putting together the back up offer, a further comment on Facebook put to rest rampant rumors as to who had been working to purchase the track on the previous deal.

“It was not anyone involved with NASCAR,” the track’s post read.

In September of 2011, the track owners announced that, for the first time in the track’s 30 year history, they would not be finishing out a full racing season.  Since then, only one event has been held at the track.  It has sat dormant since March of 2012.

But you can count the current owners among those who want to see the track come back, as evidenced by the end of their post on Facebook.

“No one wants to see Lanier Speedway prosper more than we do,” it read.  “I encourage everyone to get behind us and support this track with positive affirmations, thoughts and prayers. Thank you!”


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