Haley Hustles To Lavonia Limited Late Model Victory

Brandon Haley, seen here from an earlier victory, took the win in Saturday’s Limited Late Model feature at Lavonia Speedway. Photo by Tony Hammett

Brandon Haley edged out Jimmy Johnson to score the win in Saturday night’s Limited Late Model feature at Georgia’s Lavonia Speedway.

Haley, who hails from Lavonia, Georgia, held Johnson at bay around the 3/8 mile clay speedway to take the victory.

Bubba Russell finished in third, with David McCoy in fourth and Gus Simpson in fifth.

In other action, Frankie Beard took the win in the Crate Late Model feature, with Colby Cannon in second, Brent Dixon in third, Parker Herring in fourth and Cody Pritchett in fifth.

Lance Chitwood was the winner in the Hobby feature. Cameron Crowe finished second, with Mark Wilbanks third, Chris Wilbanks fourth and Jeremy Mayfield fifth.

Kyle Gordan scored the victory in the Modified Street feature. Daniel Doster came home in second, followed by Rusty Jordan in third, Josh Thurmond in fourth and Sterling Helm in fifth.

Stephen House was the winner in the Stock 8 feature, with Jack Hill, Nathan Bowen, Evan Brown and Rick Chamberlain in fifth.

Kevin Kelly took the victory in the Stock 4 feature. Bubba Nation finished second, followed by Elliot Brayboy in third, Bobby Rhinehart in fourth and Clay Riddle in fifth.

Jacob Kelly edged out Logan Beard for the Beginner 4 win, with Tyler Fortner in third and Nathaniel Little in fourth.

Tony Stephens scored the Front Wheel Drive feature victory. David Creighton came home in second, followed by Daniel Hambrick in third, Cody Henry in fourth and Aaron Limbaugh in fifth.

Racing returns to Lavonia Speedway on Friday, April 6. For more information, visit LavoniaSpeedway.net.

Lavonia Speedway – Lavonia, GA
Race Results – March 31, 2018

Limited Late Model
1. Brandon Haley
2. Jimmy Johnson
3. Bubba Russell
4. David McCoy
5. Gus Simpson
6. Clayton Turner
7. Russell Fleeman
8. Mason Tucker
9. Chris Segars

Crate Late Model
1. Frankie Beard
2. Colby Cannon
3. Brent Dixon
4. Parker Herring
5. Cody Pritchett
6. Adam Partain
7. Andrew Cole
8. Larry Timms
9. Kenny Collins
10. Nick Schlager
11. Vince Fanello
12. Austin Reed
13. Adam Smith
14. David McCoy

1. Lance Chitwood
2. Cameron Crowe
3. Mark Wilbanks
4. Chris Wilbanks
5. Jeremy Mayfield
6. Darryl Matheson
7. Crandall Turner
8. Daniel Doster
9. Dustin Mincey
10. Will Beard

Modified Street
1. Kyle Gordan
2. Daniel Doster
3. Rusty Jordan
4. Josh Thurmond
5. Sterling Helm
6. Tye Nalley
7. Ralph Anderson

Stock 8
1. Stephen House
2. Jack Hill
3. Nathan Bowen
4. Evan Brown
5. Rick Chamberlain

Stock 4
1. Kevin Kelly
2. Bubba Nation
3. Elliot Brayboy
4. Bobby Rhinehart
5. Clay Riddle
6. David Shepherd
7. Mark Parker, Sr.

Beginner 4
1. Jacob Kelly
2. Logan Beard
3. Tyler Fortner
4. Nathaniel Little

1. Tony Stephens
2. David Creighton
3. Daniel Hambrick
4. Cody Henry
5. Aaron Limbaugh


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