Aaron Calvert Dominates For Winder-Barrow Hobby Win

Aaron Calvert led flag-to-flag en route to the victory in Saturday night’s Hobby feature at Winder-Barrow Speedway. Photo by Tommy Brooks/TrulyBlessedPhotography.com

Aaron Calvert led wire-to-wire to score the victory in Saturday night’s Hobby feature at Georgia’s Winder-Barrow Speedway.

The Jefferson, Georgia speedster jumped to the lead from the outside of the front row on the drop of the green flag, beating Chris Jones down into turn one to take control of the race.

Calvert would hold the point through four caution flags throughout the feature, including one that saw the car of Chad Stinchcomb come to rest against the backstretch wall.

Calvert would cross under the checkered flag first to take the win, beating out Andy Barton by about a three second margin. Jerome Hanson finished in third, followed by Crash Nash in fourth and Jones in fifth.

In other action, Rodney Peters held off Ken Lampp to score the Limited Late Model feature victory. Rod Roberts finished in third, with Scott Frady in fourth and Tyler Canup in fifth.

Keith Wright was the winner in the Modified Street feature, with Jimmy Lee Langley in second, Wormy Gaddis in third, Preston Strickland in fourth and Jordan Poole in fifth.

Trey Pilgrim took the win in the Stock V8 feature, with Mark Chancey, Lewis Roberts, Trip Sexton and J.D. Ellenburg rounding out the top five.

P.J. Taylor scored the victory in the Stock 4A feature, with Roger Cothran in second and Allen Cantrell in third.

Austin Robinson took home the win in the Stock 4B feature. Elliott Brayboy finished in second, with Adam Jones in third, Randall Jenkins in fourth and Robert Booth in fifth.

Winder-Barrow Speedway will wrap up the 2017 season on Saturday, September 30, including a presentation to the season’s division champions. For more information, visit WinderBarrowSpeedway.net.

Winder-Barrow Speedway – Winder, GA
Race Results – September 23, 2017

1. #01 Aaron Calvert
2. #44 Andy Barton
3. #4 Jerome Hanson
4. #121 Crash Nash
5. #17 Chris Jones
6. #103 Shawn Tullis
7. #0 Chad Stinchcomb-DNF

Limited Late Models
1. #8 Rodney Peters
2. #1K Ken Lampp
3. #44 Rod Roberts
4. #1 Scott Frady
5. #112 Tyler Canup
6. #0 Shawn Tullis
7. #77 Shane Cox

Modified Street
1. #16 Keith Wright
2. #78 Jimmy Lee Langley
3. #10 Wormy Gaddis
4. #94 Preston Strickland
5. #99 Jordan Poole

Stock V8
1. #7 Trey Pilgrim
2. #20 Mark Chancey
3. #20 Lewis Roberts
4. #69 Trip Sexton
5. #52 J.D. Ellenburg
6. #00 Len Cleveland
7. #55 Ronnie Poole-DNF
8. #18 Zack Corbin-DNF

Stock 4A
1. #2 P.J. Taylor
2. #03 Roger Cothran
3. #3 Allen Cantrell
4. #16 Robert Kennedy-DNF

Stock 4B
1. #12 Austin Robinson
2. #2 Elliott Brayboy
3. #17 Adams Jones
4. #71 Randall Jenkins
5. #43 Robert Booth
6. #6 Brandon Franklin
7. #14 Dustin Kennedy
8. #38 Bobby Croya-DNF
9. #00 Derrick Murray-DNF
10. #21 DJ Weckerly-DNF


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