After Ten Years Off, Ramsey Scores Atlanta Dragway Win

Mike Ramsey came home with the Super Pro victory Saturday at Atlanta Dragway. Photo by Jerry Towns

It had been some ten years since Mike Ramsey had competed in a drag race, but on Saturday, he drove like he didn’t have a spec of rust on him.

Driving his son’s 1991 Chevy Camaro, Ramsey drove to the Super Pro victory in Summit ET action at the Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, Georgia.

Ramsey, who hails from Commerce, defeated Daulton Rogers in his ’00 Undercover Dragster in the final. Ramsey ran a 7.470 ET on his 7.47 dial in (dead on) at 91.73 mph and a 0.031 reaction. Rogers ran a 5.089 ET off his dial in of 5.10 at 136.23 mph but turned on the red light with a -0.046 foul reaction.

In other action, Mickey Morris defeated Allen Williams in the Pro final. Morris ran a 6.434 ET on his dial in of 6.42 at 102.01 mph and a reaction of 0.057. Williams ran a 7.306 ET off his 7.33 dial in (break out) at 91.06 mph and a 0.003 reaction time.

During the semis Morris beat Will Spearman from Walhalla, SC in his ’80 Mustang, and Williams had a single.

In the Sportsman final, Russell Haskins defeated Joey Rutledge. Haskins ran a 12.786 ET on his 12.79 dial in (brake out) at 110.91 mph and a 0.040 reaction time. Rutledge ran a 12.325 ET off his dial in of 12.33 (brake out) at 109.51 mph and a reaction of 0.042.

Sixteen-year-old Makaila Hinsley defeated 14-year-old Jackson Earwood in the Junior Street final. Hinsley ran an 11.794 ET on her 11.55 dial in at 62.56 mph and a reaction of 0.105. Earwood ran an 11.567 ET of a dial of 11.60 (break out) at 59.45 mph and a 0.266 reaction time.

In the 5-9 Jr. Dragster final, 8-year-old Malachi Edwards defeated 9-year-old Stephen Skelton. Malachi ran an 11.903 ET on his 11.90 dial in (dead on) at 53.37 mph and a 0.023 reaction time. Skelton ran an 11.955 ET of an 11.97 dial in (break out) at 54.22 mph and a reaction of 0.171.

Eleven-year-old Hayden James defeated Ryan Bruce to win the 10-12 Jr. Dragster final. James ran a 9.005 ET of a 9.00 dial in (dead on) at 72.20 mph and a great reaction of 0.025. Bruce ran an 11.189 ET on his dial of 11.14 at 57.84 mph and a 0.165 reaction time.

Adam Brown scored the 13-17 Jr. Dragster win, defeating Macey Ludolph in the final. Brown ran a 7.930 ET on a dial in of 7.97 (break out) at 81.12 mph and a 0.108. Ludolph ran a 7.891 ET off her 7.90 dial in (also a brake out run) at 82.81 mph but she left too soon at the starting line with a reaction of -0.056.

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Atlanta Dragway – Commerce, GA
Summit ET Series – July 29, 2017

SUPER PRO                     CAR                       HOMETOWN               ET           MPH   DIAL-IN

Win:  Mike Ramsey                 91 Camaro                  Commerce, GA                 7.470            91.73     7.47

R/U:  Daulton Rogers              00 Undercover Hiawassee, GA                       5.089   136.23   5.10

Semi: Jimmy Mayfield             03 Worthy                    Gainesville, GA                                                          


PRO                                 CAR                       HOMETOWN               ET           MPH     DIAL-IN

Win:  Mickey Morris                 73 Vega                       Ellenwood, GA                  6.434            102.01   6.42

R/U:  Allen Williams                 91 Chevy                     McDonough, GA               7.306            91.06     7.33

Semi:  Will Spearman              74 Duster                    Walhalla, SC                                                              


SPORTSMAN                   CAR                       HOMETOWN               ET           MPH     DIAL-IN

Win: Russell Haskins              16 Mustang                 Marietta, GA                      12.786            110.91   12.79

R/U:  Joey Rutledge                16 Mustang                 Austell, GA                        12.325            109.51   12.33

Semi: Sid Hopper, Sr.              85 Blazer                     Gainesville, GA                                                          


JUNIOR STREET             CAR                       HOMETOWN               ET           MPH     DIAL-IN

Win:  Makaila Hinsley        12 Civic                  Nicholson, GA              11.794          62.56    11.55

R/U:  Jackson Earwood     06 Ford Truck         Cleveland, GA              11.576          59.45    11.60

Semi:  Jacob Wilson          04 Chevy Truck       Tallapoosa, GA

Semi:  Ryan Blanton          14 Dodge Truck       Jefferson, GA                                                


5-9 JR DRAGSTER           AGE                       HOMETOWN               ET           MPH     DIAL-IN

Win:  Malachi Edwards           8                                  Jefferson, GA                    11.90            53.33     11.90

R/U:  Stephen Skelton              9                                  Cleveland, GA                         11.955 54.22     11.97

Semi:  Alayna Carden             9                                  Monticello, GA

Semi:  Corey Reed                  5                                  Winder, GA                                                                 


10-12 JR DRAGSTER       AGE                       HOMETOWN               ET           MPH     DIAL-IN

Win:  Hayden James               11                                Cartersville, GA                 9.005            72.20     9.00

R/U:  Ryan Bruce                    11                                Covington, GA                   11.189            57.84     11.14

Semi:  Michelle Vancica          12                                Lawrenceville, GA                                                        


13-18 JR DRAGSTER       AGE                       HOMETOWN               ET           MPH     DIAL-IN

Win:  Adam Brown                  13                                Covington, GA                   7.930            81.12     7.97

R/U:  Macey Ludolph              15                                Snellville, GA                     7.891            82.81     7.90

Semi:  Chris Kittle                   17                                Oxford, GA

Semi:  Isaac McDaniel            16                                Piedmont, SC 


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