Duke Takes Home Late Model Sportsman Win At Senoia

Blant Duke scored a $1,000 payday with a victory in the Late Model Sportsman feature at Senoia Raceway on Saturday night. Photo by Francis Hauke/22fstops.com

Blant Duke wrestled away the lead from pole sitter Richard Goode on the second lap of the May Day Special for the Late Model Sportsman division at Georgia’s Senoia Raceway on Saturday night and then kept everybody behind him the remainder of the way.

The veteran competitor notched his eighteenth career Senoia victory in the division while pocketing a $1000 pay day.

Duke battled with Goode for the first couple of laps before taking the lead. Duke moved out to a several car length lead while Goode settled in behind. William Blair charged to third after a hard fought race with Curtis Tuner. Keith Fields and Clyde Alexander also raced side by side for several laps fighting for fifth place.

On a lap nine restsart, Alexander snuck down low to steal away three positions and moved closer to Duke. But he could not reel in the leader. Duke crusied to the win with Alexander coming home second. William Blair finished third ahead of Turner in fourth and Goode in fifth.

In other action, Clint Smith led flag-to-flag to score the Super Late Model victory. Travis Pennington finished in second, with Zach Leonhardi in third, Tod Darda in fourth and Mason Massey in fifth.

Matt Dooley scored the victory in the Limited Late Model feature, with Corey Payton second, Dennis Hale third, Joey Armistead fourth and Jason Williams fifth.

Will Herrington was the winner in the Crate Late Model feature, with Jody Knowles, Kyle Cochran, Dylan Knowles and Marty Lunsford rounding out the top five.

Ted Willingham took advantage of a collision between H.B. Duke and Joe Hillman to take the lead on the 10th lap of the Hobby Stock feature, and went on to score his first career division victory. Hillman finished in second, with Duke in third, Josh Pitt in fourth and Cody Gibbons in fifth.

Derrick Matthews held off Dorough Bright to take the Bomber feature victory. Mark Newton was the Mini-Stock feature winner, while Shane Davis scored the win in the Hot Shot feature.

Racing will return to Senoia Raceway on Saturday, May 13, with a full line-up of racing in the Super Late Models, Limited Late Models, Crate Late Models, Late Models Sportsman, Hobby Stock, Bomber, Mini Stocks and Hot Shots.

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Senoia Raceway – Senoia, GA
Race Results – May 6, 2017

Late Model Sportsman
1. Blant Duke
2. Clyde Alexander
3. William Blair
4. Curtis Turner
5. Richard Goode
6. Taylor Cole
7. Keith Fields
8. Marc Gooden
9. Travis Price
10. Jake Traylor
11. Jeff Robinson
12. Jamie Nicholson, Jr.
13. Lee Fuller
14. Dustin Newell
15. Brandon Huffman
16. Brandon Bright
17. Kayla Boswell
18. Joe Armistead, Jr.
19. Billy Stevenson
20. Preston Stevenson
DNS: Bobby Arnold
DNS: Chris Steele

Super Late Models
1. Clint Smith
2. Travis Pennington
3. Zach Leonhardi
4. Tod Darda
5. Mason Massey
6. Glenn Morris
7. Laddie Fulcher
8. Shane Fulcher
9. Ty King
10. Ricky Williams

Limited Late Models
1. Matt Dooley
2. Corey Payton
3. Dennis Hale
4. Joey Armistead
5. Jason Williams
6. Dusty Jones
7. Bailey Williams
8. Oliver Gentry
9. John Anderson
10. Chris Woods
11. Jimmy Price
12. Thomas Mewborn
13. Brant Hardin
14. Shawn Cater
15. Randall Powell
16. Aubrey Merritt
DNS: Donnie Whatley

Crate Late Models
1. Will Herrington
2. Jody Knowles
3. Kyle Cochran
4. Dylan Knowles
5. Marty Lunsford
6. Craig Scott
7. Josh Copeland
8. Dow Kirkland
9. Jamie Maurice
10. Chris Justus
11. Chase Baker
12. Colby Darda
13. Tina Johnson
14. Trey White
15. Dennis Lykins, Jr.
16. Mike Abercrombie
17. Jayce Southwell
18. Jamie Brown

Hobby Stock
1. Ted Willingham
2. Joe Hillman
3. HB Duke
4. Josh Pitt
5. Cody Gibbons
6. Larry Bednar
7. Brian Jones
8. John Holcomb
9. Chris Kozusnik
10. Griffin Alexander
11. Michael Couch

Mini Stock
1. Mark Newton
2. Marc Leath
3. Jamie Nicholson, Sr.
4. David Brackett
5. Tommy Faulkner
6. Rocky Johnson
7. Bobby Faulkner
DNS: Ronnie Teal

1. Derrick Matthews
2. Dorough Bright
3. Jr Hardy
4. Charlie Garrett
5. Carly Arnett
6. Chris Pittman
7. Jonathan Hemmings
8. McKenna Nelms
9. Dunie Dillard
10. Russell Teal
11. Ricky Neill
12. Bruce Tidwell

Hot Shot
1. Shave Davis
2. Mark Meyer
3. Kenny Mathis
4. Richard Powell
5. Jeff Peardon
6. Jerry Lee Sisson
7. Morgan Pittman
8. Chris Woodall
9. Nathan Farrow
10. Tony Newman
11. Dave McWilliams
12. Michael Fullmer
13. Buddy Edmundson


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