Benfield Scores Toccoa 62nd Anniversary Late Model Win

Drew Benfield climbs from his car in victory lane after scoring his first FASTRAK Pro Late Model feature win at Toccoa Raceway. Photo: DTGW Productions / CW Photography

It took an extra day due to the rain, but Georgia’s Toccoa Raceway celebrated its 62nd anniversary on Sunday with a first time winner.

Toccoa, Georgia’s Drew Benfield scored his first career victory at the historic clay raceway, edging out Cla Knight from the pole in the FASTRAK Pro Late Model feature.

Daniel Wilson finished in third, with Colby Cannon in fourth and Frankie Beard in fifth.

In other action, David McCoy took the victory in the Limited Late Model feature, followed by Bobby Boshears in second, Jimmy Ivester in third, David Conley in fourth and Jamie Ivester in fifth.

Chris Wilbanks was the winner in the 602 Sportsman/Hobby feature. Brandon Stroud finished second, followed by Ben Riggins in third, Ricky Havery in fourth and Mark Wilbanks in fifth.

Billy Buffington took the victory in the Modified Street feature. Sterling Helm, Josh Thurmond, Robert Stewart and Louis Tetreault rounded out the top five.

In the Toccoa Pro Truck feature, Cameron Collett beat out Jimmy Motes for the win. Terry Calhoun finished third, with Coon Ayers fourth and Ralph Anderson fifth.

Bobby Rhinehart was the winner in the Stock 4 feature, with Jackie Holden in second, Harley Holden in third, Randy Boshears in fourth and Zackary Sanders in fifth.

Ricky Jones took home the victory in the Stock V8 feature. Hayden Collett was second, followed by James Campbell in third and Jimmy Mason in fourth.

Jackie Holden scored the win in the Front Wheel Drive feature, with Harley Holden in second, Joe Caples in third and Mason Mack in fifth.

Shannon Etheridge took top honors in the Super 4 Cylinder feature. Austin Brumblew came home in second, with David Nash in third, Kevin Tullis in fourth and Shane Peppers in fifth.

Toccoa Raceway returns to action on Saturday, May 13, as the speedway plays host to the Lucas Oil Southern States Midget Series, along with nine divisions of racing.

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Toccoa Raceway – Toccoa, GA
Race Results – May 7, 2017

FASTRAK Pro Late Models
1. 371 Drew Benfield
2. 42 Cla Knight
3. 12 Daniel Wilson
4. 16 Colby Cannon
5. 2 Frankie Beard
6. 187 David McCoy
7. G18 Chris Calvert
8. 11 Derrick Harvey
DNS: 14 Adam Smith
DNS: 21A Ralph Anderson

Limited Late Models
1. 187 David McCoy
2. ZERO7 Bobby Boshears
3. 115 Jimmy Ivester
4. 1 David Conley
5. I15 Jamie Ivester
6. 11 Gus Simpson
7. 1X Jr Headen
8. 15 Jesse Ivester
9. 16 Wesley English

602 Sportsman/Hobby
1. 2 Chris Wilbanks
2. 17S Brandon Stroud
3. 63 Ben Riggins
4. 11H Ricky Havery
5. 6 Mark Wilbanks
6. 28 James Nash
7. 818R Josh Roberts
8. 8 Jason Black
9. 3 Jermey Kastner
10. 71 Nick Sellers
11. 74 Joey McCoy
12. 81 John Howard

Modified Street
1. 10 Billy Buffington
2. 98 Sterling Helm
3. 12 Josh Thurmond
4. 12S Robert Stewart
5. 41 Louis Tetreault
6. J19 Jennifer Everett
7. 26 Tommy Wiley
8. 2 Jason Lewallen
9. 57 Travis Terry
10 20N Justin Nicholson

Toccoa Pro Trucks
1. 8 Cameron Collett
2. 18 Jimmy Motes
3. 4 Terry Calhoun
4. 17A Coon Ayers
5. 711 Ralph Anderson

Stock 4
1. 47R Bobby Rhinehart
2. W5 Jackie Holden
3. H3 Harley Holden
4. ZERO3 Randy Boshears
5. 01 Zackary Sanders
6. 15C Ryan Crawford
7. 27 Matthew Furgerson
8. 7J Adam Jones
9. 3 Benjie Stewart
10. 12W Darrien Wilson

Stock V8
1. 91 Ricky Jones
2. 7 Hayden Collett
3. 197 James Campbell
4. 12 Jimmy Mason
DQ: 8 Ray Foskey

1. 67 Jackie Holden
2. 07H Harley Holden
3. 1C Joe Caples
4. 94 Mason Mack
5. 27W North West
6. 5S Jeffrey Smith
7. 56C Kelly Cox
8. 55 Seth Brown
9. 17B Daniel Hambrick
10. 11H Nickoli Holcomb
11. 2N Calob Nicholson
12. 00 Justin Sorrow
13. 10E Eddie Segars
14. 4X David Crenighton
15. 33 Robert Hunt
16. 11R Jonathan Riggins

Super 4 CYL
1. 21 Shannon Etheridge
2. 3B Austin Brumblew
3. 98 David Nash
4. 3T Kevin Tullis
5. 22 Shane Peppers


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