Grant Jordan Takes Hartwell Crate Late Model Victory

Grant Jordan hustles through the corners at Hartwell Speedway. Jordan drove to the SECA Crate Late Model victory at the raceway on Saturday night. Photo by Heather Rhoades

Grant Jordan charged to the front of the SECA Crate Late Model field at Georgia’s Hartwell Speedway on Saturday night, and went on to score the victory.

It marked Jordan’s first trip to victory lane at the 3/8 clay raceway for the 2017 season.

Eric Veal came home in second, followed by Leon Walker in third and Brad Basey in fourth.

In other action, Shane Yarbrough took the win in the Hobby Stock feature. Ty Anglin finished second, with Kevin Foster third and Jeremy Kastner fourth.

Michael McTier was the winner in the Modified Street feature. Thomas Segars finished in second, followed by Chris Jones in third, Johnny Pilgrim in fourth and Brandon Williams in fifth.

Shannon Duck took top honors in the Stock V8 feature, with Bradlee Jones, Chad Hoopaugh, Brandon Long and Wilton Bailey rounding out the top five.

In the Stock Four feature, J.J. Garrett was the winner. Jeffery Lord finished in second, with Kevin Tullis in third, Shannon Etheridge in fourth and Ryan Boles in fifth.

Seth Brown took the victory in the Up Front feature, with David Creighton second, Joel Powell, Jr. third, North West fourth and Randy Shaw fifth.

Hartwell Speedway returns to action on Saturday, April 15 with a full race program on tap, featuring a double points Modified Street All-Star Challenge race.

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Hartwell Speedway – Hartwell, GA
Race Results – April 8, 2017

SECA Crate Late Model
1. #05 Grant Jordan
2. #3A Eric Veal
3. #77 Leon Walker
4. #5x Brad Basey

1. #141 Shane Yarbrough
2. #91 Ty Anglin
3. #10K Kevin Foster
4. #3 Jeremy Kastner

Modified Street
1. #K2 Michael McTier
2. #5 Thomas Segars
3. #17 Chris Jones
4. #19 Johnny Pilgrim
5. #21x Brandon Williams
6. #J19 Jennifer Everett
DNS: #93 Richard Jones

Stock V8
1. #33 Shannon Duck
2. #101 Bradlee Jones
3. #45 Chad Hoopaugh
4. #12 Brandon Long
5. #2 Wilton Bailey
DNS: #44 Chase Chancey

Stock Four
1. #47 J.J. Garrett
2. #13 Jeffery Lord
3. #3 Kevin Tullis
4. #21 Shannon Etheridge
5. #2 Ryan Boles
6. #51 Ricky Rule
7. #7 Pete Whitely
8. #11 Mike Little
9. #03 Micky Scott
10. #15 Chris Little
DNS: #9 Travis Davis
DNS: #17 Bobby Shelton
DNS: #3 Austin Burmbelow

Up Front
1. #55 Seth Brown
2. 4x David Creighton
3. 23 Joel Powell, Jr
4. #27 North West
5. #22 Randy Shaw
6. #00 Justin Sorrow
7. #89 Joel Powell, Sr.
8. #19 Jason Richey
9. #96 John Shaw
10. #45 J.J. Sorrow
11. #5 Michael Elrod
12. #8 Stacy Foster


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