Casebolt Wins Spring Nationals Feature At Dixie Speedway

Steve Casebolt smiles in victory lane after winning Saturday night's Ray Cook's Spring Nationals Super Late Model victory at Dixie Speedway.  Photo by Kevin Prater/

Steve Casebolt smiles in victory lane after winning Saturday night’s Ray Cook’s Spring Nationals Super Late Model victory at Dixie Speedway. Photo by Kevin Prater/

Steve Casebolt moved around Dale McDowell for the lead on lap 23, then drove away to score the victory in the Ray Cook’s Spring Nationals Super Late Model feature Saturday night at Dixie Speedway in Woodstock, GA.

“It was just a lot of fun,” Casebolt said in victory lane.  “The car was really good tonight.  We’re pretty fortunate to be here.”

Riley Hickman would jump out to the early lead, with McDowell moving to second and Casebolt to third.  McDowell would power past Hickman to the top spot on lap 9, with Casebolt following to second five laps later.

The race for the lead tightened up over the next 10 laps, as McDowell appeared to have a more difficult time than Casebolt in working lap traffic.  On lap 23, McDowell found himself trapped behind a slower car, allowing Casebolt to move to the high side and into the lead off the fourth turn.

The first caution of the night flew on lap 34, when Frank Ingram went around off turn four.

Casebolt would jump back to the lead on the restart, and would stay there for the remaining laps to score the victory.  McDowell finished in second, with Billy Ogle, Jr. in third, Aaron Ridley in fourth, and Shawn Chastain in fifth.

Chase Elliott made his dirt Super Late Model debut Saturday night.  Photo by Kevin Prater/

Chase Elliott made his dirt Super Late Model debut Saturday night. Photo by Kevin Prater/

The night also marked the dirt Super Late Model debut of Dawsonville, Georgia’s Chase Elliott, who piloted Ray Cook’s No. 53 on the night.  Elliott finished fifth in his heat race, and then finished sixth in the B-Scramble, just missing out on transferring into the feature.

In other action, Cass Fowler jumped out to the early lead in the Limited Late Model feature, with Oliver Gentry moving to second, and Derrick Rainey moving to third over the opening laps.  The first caution of the event flew on lap 10, when Chris Fennell spun in turn two.

The second caution flew one lap later, when Alan Brewer and Jason Williams tangled on the backstretch.

On the restart, Fowler moved back to the lead, with Gentry in second and Rainey in third.  Meanwhile, Mike McConnell was on the move, as he charged in to third, then to second on lap 12.  The yellow would flow again on lap 17 when Blant Duke spun in turn four.

At the end, it was Fowler scoring the win, with Mike McConnell in second, Richard Yeoman in third, Gentry in fourth, and Nicky Prosser in fifth.

In Crate Late Models, Hunter Jones jumped out to the early lead, but saw his early advantage go away with a multi-car crash in turn two involving George Irvin and Carey Smith that led to a complete restart.  The caution would come out again before the race got completely underway on the next restart, with a four car incident in turn two, involving Vernon Smith, Steven Hite, and Brandon Rapp.

On the drop of the green, Jones jumped out to the lead, with Madeline Crane moving to second and Justin Shipley in third.  Jones would have to work at one point to hold off a challenge from Justin Shipley, but went on to score the victory.  Shipley finished in second, with Crane in third, Pete Cochran in fourth, and Vernon Smith in fifth.

A scary moment occurred on the final lap, when contact between Mike Johnson and Darlene Page ended with Johnson on his lid in turn four after the race.

In the Super Bomber feature, John Dunn moved out to the early lead, with Ted Minnix and Roy Patterson giving chase.  Timmy Millwood was on the charge early, moving to third on lap five, and then sliding to second on the fifth lap.  The racing was close and furious, with the front five running nose to tail for position on lap 10.

Millwood would finally get to the top spot on lap 11, with Kirk Atkins moving to second and Daniel Brewer in third.  John Dunn would fall back to fifth, and then begin slowing as he trailed smoke.  Up front, it was Millwood scoring the win, with Atkins in second, Brewer in third, Richard Bagby in fourth and Minnix rounding out the top five.

In the Economy Bomber feature, Shane Smith would move to the early lead, with Edwin Scott in second and Kyle Beavers in third.  The only caution of the event came out when Tom Darby slowed to a stop in turn three.  Smith would retain the lead on the restart, and would stay out front to the end to score the win.  Dan Meadows finished in second, with Tate Nichelson in third, Greg King in fourth, and Scott in fifth.

In Pony Stocks action, Ronnie Faucett moved to the early lead, with Jeremy Millsaps in second and John Land in third.  The first caution of the event flew when John Brooks lost a wheel on lap eight.  Faucett would lead for most of the rest of the feature, but would slow suddenly off turn two with two laps to go.  That moved Millsaps to the lead, where he would stay until the end as he scored the victory.  Jeremy Ray finished in second, with Shannon Ethridge in third, John Land in fourth, and C.J. Dettmer in fifth.

Due to the impending curfew, the Cruiser feature was unable to run.

Dixie Speedway returns to action on Saturday night.  Visit for more information.

Dixie Speedway – Woodstock, GA
Race Results – May 11, 2013

Ray Cook Spring Nationals SLM
1. c9 – Steve Casebolt
2. 17m – Dale McDowell
3. 201 – Billy Ogle Jr
4. 81 – Aaron Ridley
5. x15 – Shawn Chastian
6. 360 – Micharl Asbury
7. 26 – Tony Knowles
8. R1 – Riley Hickman
9. 24 – Frank Ingram
10. 11B – Stacy Boles
11. 97 – Michael Chilton
12. 30 – Ryan King
13. 63 – Josh Collins
14. 59 – Dale Thurman
15. X – Tyler Millwood
16. 8 – David Payne
17. 21 – Ivedent Lloyd
18. 12 – Hunter Peacock
19. 18x – Michael Page
20. 66 – Jake Knowles
21. 00 – Johnny Chastain
22. 3 – Jason Croft
23. 99 – Derek Ellis

Limited Late Models
1. 9 – Cass Fowler
2. 119 – Mike McConnell
3. 59 – Richard Yeoman
4. 03 – Oliver Gentry
5. 10 – Nicky Prosser
6. 99 – Rucker Orr
7. 01 – Blant Duke
8. 66 – Richard Engleman
9. 39 – Chuck Padgett
10. 22 – Alan Brewer
11. 73 – Jason Williams
12. 21 – Chris Carr
13. c87 – Chris Fennell
14. 87 – Scott Pilcher
15. 28 – Derrick Rainey
DNS: 22II – Michael Brewer
DNS: 23 – Scottie Pritchett

Crate Late Models
1. 54 – Hunter Jones
2. 08 – Justin Shipley
3. 78 – Madeline Crane
4. 27 – Pete Cochran
5. 4 – Vernon Smith
6. 87 – Zach Pilcher
7. 99 – Justin Gravely
8. 17 – Mason Massey
9. 18 – Darlene Page
10. 18r – Ronnie Haynes
11. 67 – George Ervin
12. 19 – Mike Johnson
13. 6H – Steven Hite
14. 89 – Carey Smith
15. 22 – Mark Sims
16. 20 – Brandon Rapp

Super Bomber
1. 39 – Timmy Millwood
2. 14 – Kirk Atkins
3. D22 – Daniel Brewer
4. 19 – Richard Bagby
5. 97 – Ted Minnix
6. 17 – Roy Patterson
7. 86 – Zack Dunn
8. 57 – John Dunn
9. 5 – Kenny Taylor

Economy Bomber
1. 4 – Shane Smith
2. 07 – Dan Meadows
3. 25 – Tate Nichelson
4. 3 – Greg King
5. E3 – Edwin Scott
6. G7 – Gooch Spriggs
7. 16 – Kyle Beavers
8. 51 – Brent Beard
9. 3 – Pat Wojno
10. 35 – James Gagnon
11. 8 – William Payne
12. 116 – Cody Czobat
13. 16 – Wesley Scott
14. 11 – Tom Darby

Pony Stock
1. 25 – Jeremy Millsaps
2. x5 – Jeremy Ray
3. 21 – Shannon Etheridge
4. 10 – John Land
5. 20 – CJ Dettmar
6. 69 – Charles Whitemire
7. 45 – Tex Holden
8. 62 – Charles Dettmar
9. x6 – Ronnie Faucett
10. 26 – Preston Teems
11. 15 – John Brooks
12. 90 – Jeff Armistead
13. 55 – Jamie Cross
14. L19 – Landon Bagby


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