Turner Tops Toccoa Limited Late Models For Feature Win

Clayton Turner, seen here from earlier action, scored the Limited Late Model victory Saturday night at Toccoa Speedway.  Photo by T. Spackman

Clayton Turner, seen here from earlier action, scored the Limited Late Model victory Saturday night at Toccoa Speedway. Photo by T. Spackman

Clayton Turner beat out a strong field of Limited Late Models to score the victory Saturday night at Toccoa Speedway in Toccoa, GA.

Turner had to hold back a strong run by David McCoy to earn the trip to Toccoa’s victory lane. Josh Thurmond crossed the finish line in third, with Eric McCrakin in fourth, and David Conley in fifth.

In other action, Hot Rod LaMance came away with the victory in the FASTRAK Pro Late Model feature. David McCoy came across the finish line in second, with Cla Knight in third, Jimmy Ivester in fourth, and Jim Madden in fifth.

Daniel Fowler scored the win in the Hobby feature. Nick Sellers finished in second, with Buddy Berry in third, Phillip Wilson in fourth, and Brad Russell in fifth.

George Reece, Sr. was first across the finish line for the 602 Crate Sportsman victory. Matt Duke, John Howard, Aram Smith, and Cameron Collett rounded out the top five.

In Stock 4 Cylinder action, Mitchell Godfrey scored the victory, with Kevin Kelly in second, Kenny Dobbs in third, Justin Lord in fourth, and Brandon Stroud in fifth.

Joey Kelly topped the field to win the Front Wheel Drive feature, with Bradley Williams coming home in second. Harley Holden finished in third, with Jackie Holden in fourth, and Tim Lear in fifth.

Daniel Reynolds grabbed the victory in the Beginner 4 Cylinder feature. Austin Godfrey finished in second.

Toccoa Speedway is back in action on Saturday, April 27, with racing slated from the Limited Late Models, the Fastrak Pro Late Models, Hobby, Modified Street, Street Stock 4Cylinder, and the Front Wheel Drive divisions. For more info, visit the track’s Facebook page.

Toccoa Speedway – Toccoa, GA
Race Results – April 20, 2013

Limited Late Model
1. Clayton Turner
2. David McCoy
3. Josh Thurmond
4. Eric McCrackin
5. David Conley
6. Jimmy Ivester
7. Ricky Harvey
8. Chris Nickerson
9. Lee Callenback
10. Gordon Welch
11. Matthew Widener
12. Bruce Taylor
13. Joel Rice
DNS: Kenny Collins
DNS: JR Headen

FASTRAK Pro Late Model
1. Hot Rod LaMance
2. David McCoy
3. Cla Knight
4. Jimmy Ivester
5. Jim Madden
6. Ricky Smith
7. Tim Elrod
8. Mike Davidson
9. Derrick Harvey
10. Payton Shook

1. Daniel Fowler
2. Nick Sellers
3. Buddy Berry
4. Phillip Wilson
5. Brad Russell
6. James Justice
7. Brent Russell
8. Matt Gerrin
9. Ray Hamilton

“602” Crate Sportsman
1. George Reece Sr.
2. Matt Duke
3. John Howard
4. Aram Smith
5. Cameron Collett
6. Nick Sellers

Modified Street
1. Darrell Ivester
2. Howard Maxey
3. Joe McClure
4. Steve Sellers
5. Sammy Calhoun
6. Jason Calhoun
7. Crandall Turner
8. Tony Norris
9. Billy Buffington
10. Kevin White
11. Doug Sellers
12. Clifton Snow
13. Rusty Jordan

Stock 4 Cylinders
1. Mitchell Godfrey
2. Kevin Kelly
3. Kenny Dobbs
4. Justin Lord
5. Brandon Stroud
6. Jeff Dobbs
7. Roger Nicklersom
8. Bobby Boshears
9. David Dobbs
10. John Martin
11. Holten Bradshaw

Front Wheel Drive
1. Joey Kelly
2. Bradley Williams
3. Harley Holden
4. Jackie Holden
5. Tim Lear
6. Robbie Cook
7. Hannah Wheelus
8. Lucas Grant
9. Cody Smith

Beginner 4 Cylinders
1. Daniel Reynolds
2. Austin Godfrey


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